Monkstown Community Forum was formed as a company limited by guarantee in 1995. Then, local groups were encouraged by government agencies to form a consortium to progress the idea of having new community facilities in Monkstown. Monkstown Community Forum operates both as an umbrella organisation and as a social enterprise.


The following local groups/bodies are in membership: Abbey Community College, Abbey Presbyterian Church, Bridge Youth Club, Children’s Hospice Support Group, Church of the Good Shepherd, Hollybank Primary School, Monkstown Boxing Club, Monkstown Social Club, Monkstown Village Initiatives, Three Mile Water Angling & Conservation Association and both primary and secondary school PTAs.

These groups represent diversity across the community, voluntary, statutory and youth sectors. Each member group has two representatives for general meetings, gathered at least annually. As a community organisation dealing with local issues, contact is also maintained with other local groups, not affiliated to the Community Forum, to ensure a breadth of contact and opinion.


The Forum is governed by a board of directors, most of whom have been with the project since the beginning. The Forum has had two chairmen, Tommy Kernoghan (1995-8) and John McConaghie (1999-present). Business and Development duties are undertaken by the current Company Secretary. Consultation is also currently underway to see how the Forum can facilitate a co-ordinated approach to issues affecting the whole community in Monkstown.