• Monkstown Community Forum - At the Heart of Monkstown

Monkstown Community Forum was formed as a company limited by guarantee in 1995. It is involved in business and community development in its own right and has in membership a number of local member groups from the community, voluntary, statutory, youth and faith sectors.

The Forum is governed by a board of directors, living and/or working locally and coming from a variety of employment backgrounds. John McConaghie is the current Chairman, a post he has held since 1999. Business and Development functions and opportunities are carried out by the current Company Secretary and Development Manager, Alan Johnston.

The Forum developed the ‘Green Hut’ site into Monkstown Village Centre in 2006, a social enterprise venture, providing both commercial and community space. It is situated at Monkstown crossroads, which still, for many, signifies the entrance to Monkstown. Among the aims of the development were to provide a self-sustaining enterprise, offering a mix of facilities for community-based groups, as well as commercial space and support for businesses. This would enable the Monkstown community to access useful services and also provide employment opportunities. The company continues to look for entrepreneurial opportunities to develop its facilities, services and provision.

Commencing in 2008 as an idea, a newsletter (Monkstown’s iNews) was first produced in February 2009 and has since been produced three times a year to keep the wider Monkstown community up-to-date on groups and activities in the area. The most recent issues are available to download from this website. Back issues can be obtained on request from villagecentre@btinternet.com. The newsletter passed its 10 year mark during February 2019 with its 30th Issue.

Started in June 2014, Monkstown’s Oil Buying Scheme to date, has made total savings for those in the scheme of around £30,000. Orders are taken from members at the end of each month, with deliveries following usually within a week. Membership of the Oil Scheme currently stands at just under 100. The Scheme was free until March 2015, when an administrative charge of £5/year was introduced in the form of an annual membership fee. The scheme was part of a pilot project administered by Monkstown Community Forum and funded by Newtownabbey and Antrim Borough Councils and the PHA. For further information please contact the Scheme Co-ordinator, Norma Johnston by calling 07972253335 (Oil Club number), by emailing villagecentre@btinternet.com or by visiting Monkstown Village Centre to collect a membership form.